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We are YOHAKU – an international collective of experienced art-based facilitators. We support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the Expressive Arts methodology we facilitate change in individuals, groups, and communities. Learn more
Yohaku Art Collective opens up to the empty space of yohaku, which is one of the six elements of Japanese beauty. It represents a pause, a margin or a blank space between words or design elements and implies meaning. Learn more
We consciously leave an empty space for joyful art creation, a face-to-face encounter with true needs and longings, and active participation in learning through art-making. In our work, we focus on your specific needs and invite you to co-create a space where a dialogue with various art forms becomes possible. Learn more
Currently, we offer mental support in the form of profound experiential sessions for individuals, groups, and communities both online and offline. In our work, we use various art-based tools suitable for anyone. Learn more


UNFOLDING [flower arrangement]

[5 June 2020] A gentle and intimate workshop focused on relaxation through body awareness and flower arrangement Learn more

Exploring Inner Landscapes

[6 June 2020] A calming online workshop exploring simple Shiatsu massage techniques in combination with expressive arts. Learn more


Expressive Arts Therapy

What is Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) and how do we use this method? Learn more

What Can Art Sharing Teach Us?

Sharing art is meaningful, can have unexpected results and bring joy! Learn more


Joanna and Ineke, expressive arts facilitators and founders of Yohaku Art Collective.

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(…) Ineke knows how to offer the right words and atmosphere to create a safe space for self-investigation. Not everything can and should be put into words and that is what is so pleasant about this way of working. [Katrien, individual client, 2019]
I was delighted to see my research group thriving during an amazing EXA workshop organized by Yohaku. Joanna and Ineke led us through engaging activities that made the team members get to know each other better and sparkled tons of new energy (…). [dr Michal P. Heller, Albert Einstein Institute, 2019]
Joanna with a really great workshop script helped me and my friend to find the best way to cooperate, find ourselves in the project we run and create a concrete plan for its future. Her expertise, creativity and patience in helping us understand and interpret hidden mind-gems were priceless. (…). [Magda, Move Your Thoughts, 2019]
The prototyping weekend was not really what I expected and at the same time: it matched my best expectation, to live the experience. (…) Ineke and Joanna created a safe space where all of this was possible. They offered us just enough structure to let things happen. And gently they hosted what happened. Their reflections and questions helped to deepen the experience. [Joke Jonckiere, U-Lab Prototyping weekend, 2018]

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