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We are YOHAKU – an international collective of expressive arts facilitators. We support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the expressive arts methodology we facilitate change in individuals, groups, and communities. Learn more
Yohaku Art Collective opens up to the empty space of yohaku, which is one of the six elements of Japanese beauty. It represents a pause, a margin or a blank space between words or design elements and implies meaning. Learn more
We consciously leave an empty space for joyful art creation, a face-to-face encounter with true needs and longings, and active participation in learning through art-making. In our work, we focus on your specific needs and invite you to co-create a space where a dialogue with various art forms becomes possible. Learn more
Currently, we offer mental support in the form of individual expressive arts sessions, individual and group online art-based sessions, workshops, and community activities. In our work, we use expressive arts therapy methods. Learn more


art CONNECTS #2 [online]

[8 April 2020] As new challenges arise, join us for an online workshop to explore the theme of resilience Learn more

Storytelling Workshop Series

[6, 13, 20 April 2020] Join us to write and share magical “Stories of longing, resilience and choice” Learn more


[14, 21 & 30 April 2020] Join us to reflect on the coronavirus and explore the possibilities of coping with this new situation Learn more

Monthly Dialogs with Arts

[18 April 2020] Register for an insightful online workshop focused on how we can cultivate trust in times of crisis Learn more

UNFOLDING in Potsdam

[16 May 2020] A gentle intimate workshop focused on relaxation through body awareness and flower arrangement Learn more

Exploring Inner Landscapes

[9 May & 6 Jun 2020] Two workshops exploring the power of touch in combination with the arts in Berlin-Kreuzberg Learn more


Expressive Arts Therapy

What is Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) and why is it so special to us? Learn more

What Can Art Sharing Teach Us?

Sharing art is meaningful, can have unexpected results and bring joy! Learn more


Joanna and Ineke, expressive arts facilitators and founders of Yohaku Art Collective.

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