Explorations into MASK-MAKING [5 & 26 May 2020]

In this expressive arts workshop we will focus on mask-making.

Masks are often symbolic and can represent supernatural beings, ancestors, or imagined figures. They have the potential to speak to us, creators, in their own language. Masks can hide secrets, convey emotions, or tell stories. Are we ready to listen to their massages?

In this playful workshop, we will guide you through an expressive arts process of creating a cardboard/paperboard mask. Then, we will engage in conversations with our masks to listen to their emerging stories. Finally, we will share our discoveries and reflect on their possible meanings.

This online expressive arts workshop is for everyone, who would like to explore simple resources for facilitation and/or find new ways of playing with the arts.



  • 5 May 2020, 6-8pm (CET)
  • 26 May 2020, 6-8pm (CET)

Language: English

Duration: 2h

Number of participants in each meeting:  6 spots available

Theme: Explorations into MASK-MAKING

Admission: 5 eur

Software: Zoom

Materials: pencils, pens, sharpies, scissors, glue, pieces of coloured paper (e.g. origami paper), acrylic paints, brushes, cardboard/paperboard (preferably recycled)


Please choose the right event and date.
Please register for our workshop by filling in and sending this form. You can choose to purchase a single entry or an entry for you and your friend with a 10% discount. The fee will be only used to support the software, space rental and the art materials we use for workshops. We will send you an email with payment options soon.

Facilitators: Ineke Hulselmans & Joanna Wróblewska

See you online!

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