Expressive Arts Facilitators


Joanna Wróblewska | Ineke Hulselmans

As expressive arts facilitators, we work with different types of art like painting, sculpture, music, poetry, or movement. Our goal is to make a space for something new that might emerge in the artistic process.

We are fascinated by the power of genuine artistic expression. The way it becomes a guide and a grounding factor during processes of inquiry and change never stops to amaze us. Art-making asks you for presence and commitment. It demands that you let go of judgement and preconceived notions. We invite you to take a deeper look at what is truly present and available in the here and now.

Coming from completely different backgrounds, we have the potential to complement and challenge each other in our work. We constantly learn from each other and exchange experiences to find better ways of working with our clients. We keep looking for new forms of engaging you to make sustainable and positive changes.

Our common ground lies in the wish to provide support in the processes of sense-making and transformation. As expressive arts facilitators, we both work on the individual and communal level. Please consider our invitation to enter the process of art-making and discover your resources with us.

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