Ineke Hulselmans

expressive arts facilitator ineke hulselmans


Ineke Hulselmans is based in Antwerp, Belgium. She has a background of Political Science and philosophy were her main interests were about participatory democracy and phenomenology. She started her professional career in Healthcare and later worked as a facilitator of inclusive decision-making processes.

Then 3 years ago Ineke co-founded Broedwerk. Broedwerk is a collective that supports starting entrepreneurs to discover their personal mission and to develop their business idea in an authentic way. Broedwekr works from the inside out. Through this work, Ineke discovered the power of the arts and creativity.

Now Ineke studies Expressive Arts Therapy/Coaching. This method continues to inspire her because it is such a powerful tool for coaching and facilitation. It allows her to create a space in which ideas can emerge from a place of stillness and creative exploration.

Ineke is fascinated by the way our imagination and the intelligence of our body can inspire us. It can empower people to take their life and their work into their own hands.


Art can be a gentle companion that let’s you rest inside your questions.

Questions invite an openness, they ask you to pause for a moment. Questions are an invitation to come into momentary stillness. In that moment, can you suspend your need for answers?

In the process of art making you may discover the magic that is inside of you.

I co-create a space with you where we both hold and are being held by the experience of creating something else.

Moments of clarity
Moments of ease
Moments of honesty
Moments of beauty

Where there is a question there is a window or a door into something new. Where we experience uncertainty, a change is possible.


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