Ineke Hulselmans

expressive arts facilitator ineke hulselmans


Ineke Hulselmans has been working as a changemaker, coach/organisational coach and facilitator of collaborative processes ever since she graduated with a Master in Political Science.

Now Ineke is finishing her studies in Expressive Arts Therapy. Art enriches her facilitation and coaching practice. It allows her to create a space for questioning, for exploration, for emergence. She works with expressive arts in a variety of settings, from starting entrepreneurs to artists, therapists and researchers.

Ineke is fascinated by the power of creativity. Each new session and each new workshop is for her a new window into all the subtle ways art facilitates change. Creating art is creating life. Creating art is creating change. Art empowers people to take their life and their work into their own hands. Art connects us more fully to the world.


Art can be a gentle companion that lets you rest inside your questions.

Questions invite an openness, they ask you to pause for a moment. Questions are an invitation to come into momentary stillness. In that moment, can you suspend your need for answers?

In the process of art making you may discover the magic that is inside of you.

I co-create a space with you where we hold and are being held by the experience of creating.

Moments of clarity
Moments of ease
Moments of honesty
Moments of beauty

Where there is a question, there is a window or a door into something new. Where we experience uncertainty, a change is possible.

I facilitate sessions, workshops and trainings where the creative process supports you as an individual or a group to:

§ step out of your habitual ways of thinking and reacting
§ suspend judgement
§ allow for uncertainty and not-knowing
§ let go of fixed ideas
§ get to know your own resources
§ create ease in whatever you do
§ connect to your senses
§ become more aware of your body
§ trust what your body tells you
§ trust your creative abilities
§ expand your range experiences
§ expand the ways in which you can relate to others


Having a daily artistic practice is a way to train your creative muscle. Creativity operates by the law of abundance, the more it is used, the more it becomes available to you.

My daily artistic practice has a allowed me to lead a fuller and more wholesome life.


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