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Joanna Wróblewska is a visual artist and an art educator with more than 10 years of professional experience in higher education. In 2010, she obtained a Ph.D. degree in visual arts. Since then Joanna has worked as an art teacher and facilitator in several countries.

Currently, Joanna lives in the Berlin area and studies Expressive Arts Therapy in Germany and Switzerland. As an expressive arts facilitator, she believes that art-making inspires, connects, and transforms humans on multiple levels. Joanna works in English, Polish and German.

NOTE! All expressive arts activities and sessions offered my Joanna before June 30th, 2020 are a part of her Expressive Arts Therapy internship at the European Graduate School.

SAY YES! to Change with Expressive Arts

What matters to me the most is to empower people of various cultures and origins by encouraging them to find their voice using the arts.

As an artist and expressive arts facilitator, I deeply believe that art is indigenous to humans. The ability to make art is something that we all share.

My mission is to support self-expression through creation, facilitate change using arts, and cultivate a deep connection with other humans and the world at large.


Invite little miracles into your life. Discover hidden treasures of your personal resources. Make a smoother transition.

Through expressive arts, you can explore your identity, connect with yourself and others, create more awareness, integrate existing knowledge with new findings, find a place of belonging, and welcome change with more ease.

It is all about how you shape your story.


> Do you experience difficulties in adapting to a new situation in your life?

> Are you going through a major transition related to your career, identity, move to a new place, or a cultural shock?

> Do you experience creative blocks and other difficulties in the process of shaping your professional career?

> Are you an international student/employee/scientist settling down in a new location?

> Do you come from a cross-cultural background and would like to explore your identity?

> Are you a migrant/refugee/expat integrating a foreign culture?


Currently, I offer support in the form of individual consulting sessions, online self-discovery sessions, group workshops, and community activities. In my facilitator work, I use expressive arts therapy methods.


> Increases self-awareness and self-understanding,

> Helps to discover already existing and new resources,

> Teaches relaxation and body-awareness,

> Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility,

> Promotes openness to new experiences and new healthy ways of self-expression,

> Explores relationships and improves soft skills,

> Supports team-building,

> Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination,

> Builds aesthetic responsibility.


The expressive arts process is for everyone. No previous experience with arts is required. Just be open to coming to your senses through the arts!


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