Space Left Empty


In the process of creating the Yohaku Art Collective, we discovered the concept of yohaku and decided to combine it with expressive arts. This mash-up became for us a unique way of finding synergies between our inspirations and interests within the fields of fine arts, philosophy, psychology and art therapy.

Yohaku Art Collective celebrates the space left empty for joyful art creation, a face-to-face encounter with true needs and longings, and active participation in integrating changes through arts.


We believe in a world that recognizes art and creativity as existential aspects of our being human. We can sing before we can talk, we can dance before we can walk.

The space we create through our work, as artists and facilitators, offers room for each person or group to discover their resources and creative potential.

Invite the Unknown

The space left empty is an in-between zone that invites the unknown. It acknowledges the uncertainty and complexity of life without trying to explain or interpret. It creates a break in familiar modes of coping with life situations and welcomes surprises.

Experience of Time

When we make art, we suspend time and become more present. In the moment of flow lies the potential for something else to arrive: an alternative experience, a touching inspiration, a new possibility.

Quality of the Space

It is an open and non-judgemental space that we hold for artistic expression, experimentation and resonance. In this space we go into an investigation, we peel back the many layers of our Self. In the artistic process, we learn to meet the reality of ourselves with humbleness and ease.

This space is experienced with curiosity that emerges from the creative process. This process opens up to us like a living landscape.

Art as an Opening

Making art generates stillness and invites us to rest and relax into the process. We learn that we can trust the process to guide us through the alternative reality of creative work.

Our expressions take an organic shape and manifest in the art-making. Arts transform and change us through the process of creation and along the way we become more connected to ourselves and others.

Change Comes Either Way

Things get clearer and more defined as we progress. Change happens naturally, despite fears, assumptions and judgements about our abilities.

And when we come back to reality, we don’t enter through the same door but open a new one within our inner landscape. On the other side of that door, we might see possibilities for a more meaningful life, more fulfilling work and new, exciting connections.

Space Left Empty

Yohaku is a space that has been consciously left empty. It represents a pause or a blank point. It implies a meaning in the absence of words or forms.

The emptiness of a white space holds a profound beauty. It is mysterious and it promises unlimited access to an infinite potential that is stored within us.

Truly Visible to Our Senses

Empty spaces have their own dynamic vitality and support forms emerging from them in becoming truly visible. They literally allow forms and objects to grow fully into the reality of our senses. In the arts, both the creator and the witness can experience the power of a pause.

The empty space of yohaku is both calming and energizing. It gives our senses a place to relax and rest. On the other hand, it stimulates our imagination and engages us in the creation of alternative worlds.

By coming face-to-face with emptiness, we can encounter the in-between space that allows for something to new to emerge and touch us deeply.