In this expressive arts workshop we will focus on rest and relaxation. We will make art and learn about new ways of promoting well-being and emotional health.

RESTING IN STILLNESS [arts as a gateway to the space of peace filled with little miracles]

Rest and relaxation play a profound role in our lives. When we are in a state of relaxation, our creativity blossoms. In stillness, our hearts fill with peace and we have a chance to discover our true potential. When we give rest time and space, we rejuvenate much quicker and have more patience in difficult situations. Our bodies are thankful for the time of rest. They give us back in energy, overall health, and willingness to face life here and now.

How can we support ourselves in promoting well-being and emotional self-care? What are the best ways of letting the body and mind rest properly? How can we make space for more relaxation, rest, and creativity in our lives? Our answer to the above questions is to make art!

We believe that expressive arts can become a gateway to the space of peace and rest. This space is like a starry midnight sky. It gives us endless opportunities to express ourselves and experience all those little miracles that happen every day. Sometimes, they shine strongly. Other times, they stay unnoticed. Through arts, we can develop the sensitivity towards beauty emerging around us every single day and learn to appreciate all silent transformations that happen in us and outside of us all the time. Are you ready to begin your creative journey? We look forward to working with you!

In this expressive arts workshop, you will: relax into art-making, explore your own creative process, discover new forms of rest, connect with yourself and with others in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Possible benefits: find new ways of relaxation, learn new aspects of your own creative process, gain more courage to do creative work, learn to cultivate ease and a nourishing attitude towards yourself, become more sensitive to the beauty around you and find your creative voice!


Date and Times

6 March 2020, 6.30-9 pm (duration 2.5h with a 15min. break)

Participation Fee

15€ (all art materials included)
Promotion! Bring a friend and get a 10% discount for both if you
The number of participants is limited to 8

Sign Up

Please choose the right event and date.
Please register for our workshop by filling in and sending this form. You can choose to purchase one person entry (15eur) or an entry for you and your friend with a 10% discount (27eur). The fee will be only used to support the space rental and the art materials we use for workshops. We will send you an email with payment options soon.

Practical Info

The class will be held in English and is open to everyone. No previous experience needed.
Things to bring: Paper + Pen. Comfortable clothes. Beverages.


Workshop on Foster, Forster Strasse 51, 10997, Berlin Kreuzberg

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