What We Do

Yohaku Art Collective supports individuals, groups, and communities in welcoming change through art-making.

We believe that when you are ready to live your questions, art can sustain you on this continuously emerging path.

Using art-based research and Expressive Arts methodology, we look for undiscovered resources, new perspectives, and more sustainable ways of coping with difficulties accompanying processes of change.

Our mission is to support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making.

We are there for our clients to help them to truly relax into art-making, find new ways of self-expression, and make sense out of what emerges in the process of creation.

We offer profound experiential sessions, group workshops, and community activities both offline and online.

For whom?

  • Would you like to look at your current situation from a wider perspective and reframe your life?
  • Are you looking for ways to build more awareness around how you act in your daily life?
  • Are you going through a significant change and would like to integrate it into your life with more care and consciousness?
  • Do you struggle with finding a true place of belonging full of acceptance, love, and understanding?
  • Would you like to set up a meaningful business that expresses your true values, beliefs, and longings so you can make a real difference?
  • Are you ready to question your coping strategies and explore new ways of creating meaning in life?
  • Do you experience creative blocks and need guidance in overcoming them step by step?
  • Would you like to initiate an honest dialogue with yourself, within your group, or community about what truly matters?
  • Are you eager to take steps that are necessary for a sustainable and positive transformation?

This process is for everyone who is ready for an adventurous journey into the imaginative world of the arts. No previous experience with arts is required. We just ask you to be open to experimentation with various forms of expression.

How we work?

  • We place the arts in the centre of human experience. Whatever question you come with, individually or as a group, profound and experiential art-based work is the key. Everything starts with the arts. That is how we make the magic happen!
  • We create an open space for an honest dialogue, during which something new can emerge. We invite you to enter this safe and non-judgemental zone and experiment with the arts.
  • We refer to your potential, your sensitivity and your intuition. We inspire you to create and to look at art as your companion on the way to a more fulfilling life. We ask you questions and we listen to the answers that art gives together with you.
  • We are your sounding board, the midwives of your creative process and the meaning hunters. We are the holders of space, the listeners and the witnesses of your self-expression.
  • We challenge you to go deeper, to be slower, quieter and to look, feel, touch and listen to what is present at this very moment.

Experiential Sessions & Workshops

We invite individuals, groups, and communities to explore their potential through a profound and experiential art-based work. We offer individual sessions, exciting exploratory workshops, and experimental community art projects both offline and online.

No previous experience with art-making is required! This process is really for everyone.


Art-making and creative experiments are our main areas of interest. Together, we create art projects and through doing so we allow ourselves to move into more genuine self-expression. Art is our way of cultivating self-care, developing insights, dealing with difficulties and insecurities, building resilience, finding answers to questions that we live with and making life more meaningful.


We are open to new collaboration opportunities with other facilitators, therapists, artists, educators, and activists. We invite you to an open dialog about how we could make a change through art together.

Please do not hesitate to connect with us!