Yohaku Art Collective

We are Yohaku, an international collective of expressive arts facilitators. We support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the expressive arts methodology we facilitate change in individuals, groups, and communities.

We start with the arts

Expressive Arts (EXA) is a process- and resource-oriented method that uses various art forms. Often multiple art genres are included in a session or workshop. The instructions for the proposed activities are easy and fun. However, they have a high emotional impact (low skill – high sensitivity).

In every workshop and in every session we use art to explore and investigate your longings. The process of doing something else can bring forward things that are important to you as an individual, to a group, or to a community.

We work with different types of arts like painting, sculpture, music, poetry, or movement and many others. Our goal is to make space for something new that might unfold in artistic explorations.

During the process of art-making, we co-create a safe and non-judgemental space from which newly discovered resources, perspectives, and learnings can emerge. In this space, a meaningful shift is possible.

It is essential to capture what we truly experience in the process of creation. When artworks speak to us, we often get a chance to open up to new points of view and exciting possibilities. We make sense of what happened by connecting to our own embodied expression. Finally, we realize what concrete steps we can take to make a change. This works the same way both for individuals and groups.

Benefits of EXA

  • Increases self-awareness and self-understanding,
  • Helps to discover already existing and new resources,
  • Teaches relaxation and body-awareness,
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility,
  • Promotes openness to new experiences and new healthy ways of self-expression,
  • Explores relationships and improves soft skills,
  • Supports team-building,
  • Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination,
  • Builds aesthetic responsibility.

We are expressive arts facilitators, who design process-oriented sessions addressing your specific needs. No two processes are alike and no two outcomes are the same. The questions that you came with may change through art-making. We work with what comes up, we accompany you, and we help you to make sense out of the encounter with the arts. Finally, we support you in taking appropriate action towards the new.

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We are our own best example

yohaku art collective expressive arts process

Yohaku Art Collective is the result of an artistic process between both of us, Ineke and Joanna. Through art-making, in the responses to each other’s artworks and in the art pieces themselves, we noticed common phrases and common shapes. We found a common thread in our visual and written narratives.

In the creative process and the aesthetic analysis of our art pieces, we discovered a mutual longing for an opening. We both visualized a space where the power of imagination could be truly experienced. Honesty, ease, joy and a deep connection were equally important to both of us too.

Starting from this common ground, we began our research. We brainstormed possibilities for the name of our art collective. Then we used shapes and colours from our artworks to create the logo. Finally, we distilled our mission from the touching poems that we wrote earlier in the process.

We found everything in art. There was no need to look elsewhere.

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Ineke Hulselmans and Joanna Wróblewska
Founders of Yohaku Art Collective