2nd International LABO [2 November 2019]

2nd International LABO is a space to experiment wit expressive arts therapy and is open for expressive arts facilitators, therapists, and educators.

Masking and unmasking. Who is on stage?

We invite expressive arts facilitators, therapists, psychologists, educators, and social workers to join us in Antwerp, Belgium for some EXA play and experimentation.

Let’s take our EXAperimenting into the unknown and create a space for performative experiences. We won’t just come out on stage as we are with our everyday selves. We will put on a new face, a new walk, a new talk. We will reach inside to access those parts of ourselves that are not so present in everyday life. We will let them out to play. We will get to know them, ask them questions, search for answers and whisk all that together into an experimental monologue. We will end the day with a performance that will summarize our experiments.

Our 2nd International LABO is inspired by the tradition of Greek Theatre, meaning exaggerated masks, a chorus for dramatic effect and perhaps even some music-making. We want to know more about what this ancient art form can teach us and how modern technologies can support us in finding words for our experimental monologues. 

If you would like to learn more about the International LABO concept, please read our article about the 1st International LABO in Potsdam, Germany.


Please read the information below and register by sending us an email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Date: 2 November 2019, 10 am – 4 pm

Theme: Masking and unmasking. Who is on stage?

Location: La Maria, Karel Geertsstraat 2A, B-2140 Antwerp, Belgium

Language: English (we will also have some capacity for Flemish and French)

Duration: 6 hours

Number of participants: 12 spots available

Admission: 10eur (food and drinks, art materials) plus travel costs and accommodation

Props: bring props or small musical instruments that would be fun to play with

Register for free by sending an email to contact@yohakuart.com

We cannot wait to meet you in Antwerp,
Ineke & Joanna

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