art-based CORONAVIRUS crisis support

Expressive arts workshop related to the coronavirus crisis worldwide.

How can we shape the new normal?

The coronavirus brings not only existential treads but also a reflection on how we live our lives. What is essential? What is important? What doesn’t matter that much? How can we shape our normal?

Arts allow us to stop, take a breath and reflect on what is going on in our bodies in the present moment. Through artistic expression, we can externalize feelings and reflect on our experiences. We also get a chance to look at things that stand out to us, redefine our values, and realize what we truly care about in this world. 

What is possible right now? What can we do for ourselves and others? How can we practice more mindfulness, self-care, and awareness in times of transformation and crisis? It seems like the current situation could give us a chance to shape new standards of being in the world.

In this online workshop, we will explore different aspects of the coronavirus pandemic and make an attempt to find new ways of shaping reality.



  • 30 April 2020, 2.30-3.30pm (CET)
  • 7 May 2020, 1.30-3.30pm (CET)
  • 19 May 2020, 4-6pm (CET)
  • 28 May 2020, 1.30-3.30pm (CET)

Language: English

Duration: up to 2h

Number of participants in each meeting: 6 spots available

Theme: How can we shape the new normal?

Admission: FREE (please register by sending an email to or contact Joanna in person at +491759090285 or on Facebook Massager: Joanna W-ska )

Software: Zoom

Materials: pencils, pens, sharpies, crayons, paper

Facilitators: Joanna Wróblewska & Sarah Chu

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