Art-based Response: Abortion Ban in Poland

This is my emotional aesthetic response to what is happening in Poland: the conservative government moves towards a complete ban on abortion (even though Poland has one of the most strict abortion laws in Europe and, as I assume, in the world). All women should have the basic right to decide about their bodies. All women should have a choice! Without that choice, we are no longer free. “Abortion is a murder”, some will say. Others will be afraid to even discuss it.

Today, I would like to say this: abortion, in my view, is neither good nor bad. On one hand, it can cause lasting trauma. On the other hand, it might save the life of the mother and keep her sane. It might bring terror, as much as it can bring great relief. And what if abortion is an act of self-love and respect for life? What if it is the only way to freedom, lack of guilt and the end of suffering? What if… ? What if it would be me making such a decision? I don’t know… I only know one thing: I would like to have the choice to stand up for my body, to protect myself, my family and the unborn child in a way I would find relevant, and to take responsibility. I wish that all women around the world can one day make those choices freely and safely. And no, I am not afraid of any type of hell… Because hell is here, on Earth. We choose the governments that create it. Also, we create it for each other every single day.

Below, I would like to offer you a poem that wants to express itself at this very moment.


our bodies are sacred

they are like ancient temples 

pulsing in the rhythm of life

secrets they must carry

can be heavy and dark

turn your eyes inwards

and feel the blood

flowing through your veins

this is your space

home to more than one soul

sense the miracle

growing behind your navel

and trust yourself more

than anyone else

it is your space

it is your space

>>> With love and trust that you know best,


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