Sarah Chu holds an MA degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology from the European Graduate School. With her primary background of Physiotherapy in Hong Kong, she is interested in body awareness and movement combined with the arts, as well as the East and West philosophies for the exploration of the Self, and the connection to the world. Sarah works with various clients, including people in recovery from mental illness, people with physical disabilities, and elders. She offers self-care workshops and is actively involved in art-based research.


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Verónica Terriente

Verónica Terriente is a physical theatre and creative dance educator for children, an Expressive Arts facilitator, and a Tamapla practitioner. She has more than 10 years of experience as a primary teacher and socio-cultural animator.

Currently, Verónica lives in Berlin and works as an Expressive Arts facilitator with children experiencing learning problems and adults searching for new ways of self-discovery and personal development. She is also a student from Anna Halprin’s Tamalpa Institute for movement-based Expressive Arts.

Verónica believes in the power of art-making and body awareness as tools for emotional management and personal growth. She offers Expressive Arts sessions for individuals and groups, including both children and adults. She works in English, Spanish and French.


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Emma Sullivan Uebele

Emma Sullivan Uebele is a native of Portland, Oregon, USA. Emma holds an MA degree in Expressive Arts for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the European Graduate School and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Communications from American University in Washington, DC.  Emma works as both an Expressive Arts facilitator and therapeutic Pilates instructor. Integrating these fields, she understands the body, mind, and spirit and partners is health. 

As an Expressive Arts practitioner and consultant, Emma runs international groups and facilitates workshops that center around the body and arts-based responses to trauma. Through these experiences and working alongside a wide range of other mental health and humanitarian professionals she has a deep appreciation for the consequences of working in a context of trauma. Emma’s work also extends to these practitioners coming alongside to cultivate rhythms of care and to help sustain wellbeing while engaged in work in a context of trauma. 


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Move Your Thoughts is a project of two friends based in Berlin, Germany. Their workshops are for everyone who is open to explore themselves, their emotions and relationships with others through movement & theatre. Katka and Magda believe that we were all born to move and their aim is to provide a safe space for creativity and improvisation. Their work is based on three key principles: fun, non-judgement, and an open mind. Both Katka and Magda graduated with the Expressive Arts Facilitation Certificate from the Step Ahead Expressive Arts Institute in Berlin.

Katka danced before she could walk. She has a background in contemporary dance, but lately, she also fell in love with yoga and other movement practices. She believes that movement is the most genuine form of expression and feeling good in our bodies makes us happy.

For Magda, being appropriate seems to be far from her mind. She found very early on that theatre and stage is a place where being yourself and letting your fears go meet. Having led a thespian crew from all over the world she explored the world of acting and motion to help others find what hides in their souls.


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