Coronavirus response: Truth

It had been a few days in the making, the quarantine. And when it arrived it was met with some disbelief. I heard: Is this really necessary? Should we cancel our dinner plans? And then I heard: a sigh. Finally. They wait. Finally. A slower pace. Shy whispers of relief.

I made this painting in my sketchbook on one of the first days of the quarantine in Belgium. It is a response to all that was going on at that moment. A response to the rupture. Making this painting was a way to express my unrest, the unbalance I felt. Making this painting was also a way in to a deeper understanding. The understanding came from a letting go of analyzing and of data and news articles and opinions.

When I look at this painting I see order and chaos, I see structure and restlessness, I see the tension between opposite colors. Something hides and something breaks through, something is revealed and something has become unrecognizable. There is soft beauty and there are violent clashes. And in that seeing there is a knowing.

A shy truth in the making

A break from the everyday
A stain on an otherwise beautiful day
A strain on an otherwise swift week
A relief from having to have

What have we ever known?
A relief

My feelings towards this crisis span the full spectrum between relief for the slowdown, awe with the way nature reclaims its place where humans retreat, fear for the what it will do to the fabric of our society, hope for a chance at doing things differently, confusion around the multiplication of points of view,..

The myths that define how we live, the stories we are so comfortable with are unraveling. They show themselves in unexpected ways. I am confused because it’s hard to unravel all the delusions and illusions that this crisis generates. It’s hard to distinguish between what is true and what is part of a myth I like to believe in. The truth is hiding. And in it’s hiding it reveals itself.

Is it in the chaos in the uproar
Or in the daily acts of kindness
Is it in the sweeping changes
The rapid interventions
Or the sluggish pace
that our lives have fallen into

In just a few days things have changed that looked like they were set in amber. In just a few days the many accepted what before was deemed impossible.
I saw opinions change, I saw positions abandoned. And in that, there is hope. There is hope for humans yet. Humans. I associate that word with fantasy novels and sci-fi series. There too, the truth is revealed in the disguises it prefers to put on.

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