Dialogs with Arts in Antwerp [4 November 2019]

Dialogs with Arts is an expressive arts workshop organized in Antwerp by Yohaku Art Collective.

Often, we live too fast not paying enough attention to our need for pleasure, play, and creative development. Self-care practices, including art-making, allow us to relax into being and take some time out from work, anxiety, stress, and daily struggle. Let’s make art together and create a true connection with our genuine creative nature.

In this workshop, we will relax, let go, and play with arts. Our focus will be on creative writing. However, you can also expect experiments with other forms of art like movement, sculpture, or collage. There will be time to get into a dialog with created artworks and listen to what they offer to us too. New discoveries, learnings, and surprising findings have the power to nourish both our bodies and minds.


Art-making encourages us to play, experiment, and make discoveries around our well-being. Through arts, we can truly explore reality and learn how to cultivate creativity as an indigenous and the most natural human activity. In art-making, we discover new perspectives and meanings. Arts help us to reconnect with ourselves and with others. Thanks to the process of creation, we become more aware and free in expression. Make art and make sense with us!

learn to let go of tention and invite pleasure

reconnect with your needs and longings

become more conscious of your body

create space for true self-development

receive the gift of attention from yourself and others

Let’s meet and make art together in a safe and non-judgemental space of wonder. No previous experience with art is required. It is enough to be open to experimenting. We will focus on easy tasks and look at the art pieces in the form of a dialog.


Our next Dialogs with Arts evening workshop will take place soon. Please read the information below and register by sending us an email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Date: 4 November 2019, 7-10pm

Location: Emagine Center, Paardenmarkt 65, Antwerp

Language: English & Flemish

Duration: 3 hours (break included)

Number of participants: 10 spots available


Admission: 25 EUR

Registration: at Emagine Life

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water to stay hydrated.

We cannot wait to meet you there,
Ineke & Joanna

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