Joanna Wróblewska


Joanna Wróblewska is a visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and Yoga Nidra teacher with more than 10 years of professional teaching experience in higher education. In 2010, she obtained a PhD degree in visual arts. Since then Joanna has worked as an art teacher and facilitator in several countries. In June 2020, she obtained an MA degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Minor in Psychology. She believes that art-making can inspire, connect, and transform humans on multiple levels.

Joanna enjoys working with people in migration and those in search for a place of belonging, as this is also her own life path. She specializes in profound cross-cultural and interdisciplinary work using playful art-based tools, grounding elements of East Asian practices, guided imagery, and deep conscious relaxation techniques.

Joanna works in English, Polish and German. She also has the ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients.


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