For Individual Clients

What we offer to individual clients

These are the different kinds of arts-based sessions we currently offer to our individual clients. You can contact us to book one of these sessions or to explore which one might best suit your needs in a 30min. free virtual call.


Arts have the ability to help us heal and grow. Our expressive arts sessions are suitable for anyone. No prior experience in art-making is required! They are designed to support you in finding more self-understanding and creating a state of satisfaction, nourishment, and well-being in daily life.

Location: virtual or face-to-face

Duration & price: 90min. / 79€ (individuals) | 120min. / 175€ (small groups up to 5 people)


Would you like to experiment with the expressive arts in your own space and at your own time? Then this process is for you! We will meet you online, propose a series of creative tasks, and then wait for you to explore them. Finally, we will meet again to summarize your process.

Location: virtual and at your own space

Duration & price: 5h. / 195€ (individuals) | 295€ (small groups up to 5 people)


The challenges of modern life cause stress and emotional discomfort not only in adults but also in kids. Would you like to support the development of your children by offering them one-of-a-kind therapeutic fables? Please join us to create unique fairy tales and stories for your children and support them with your deep wisdom.

Location: virtual or face-to-face

Duration & price: 90min. / 79€


Would you like to start a business resonating with who you are in all your different dimensions? Through our arts-based sessions, you can explore what lives inside of you, what “seeds” are present there, and what they want to grow and bloom. We invite you to discover your business path using intuition, creativity, and your unique skills.

Location: virtual or face-to-face

Duration & price: fixed package of five 90min. sessions + 60min. summary / 450€

Please reach out to arrange a free 30min. introductory chat, in which we will discuss your individual needs and expectations. This will allow us to offer you a unique and completely personalized expressive arts experience.