How we work

At Yohaku, we make change through art…

As it is sometimes challenging to communicate fully using spoken language and reasoning, we offer you a unique opportunity to encounter yourself and others in the process of art-making. What cannot be expressed through words, very often can be communicated through the arts.

Currently, Yohaku focuses on:

  • Providing expressive arts therapy services for individuals
  • Facilitating expressive arts workshops and trainings for groups and communities,
  • Encouraging mental health professionals, social workers, and other caregivers to use art-based tools as a form of emotional self-care and alternative communication channels with their clients,
  • Cultivating art-making and promoting art-based approaches as resourceful, sustainable and effective ways of creating wellbeing.

For whom?

  • Individuals having curiosity and openness to work with the arts,
  • People willing to actively and positively reshape their relationship with themselves and the world,
  • Teams and communities (e.g. organizations, NGOs, creative co-working spaces, educational and psycho-educational institutions, minority groups, migrants & refugee centres, or even neighbourhoods) willing to readjust and reframe their ways of functioning,
  • Groups and communities in need of support in times of transformation and change,
  • Professional caregivers, mental health specialists, and activists, who would like to learn how to use arts in their own self-care practice and in sessions with clients,
  • Mental health professionals in search of new opportunities for professional growth and willing to be a part of a vibrant international community,
  • Anyone interested in using arts to improve our mental health and create more wellbeing through art-based group activities.

How we work?

  • We place the arts in the center of human experience. Whatever question you come up with, individually or as a group, expression is the key. Everything starts with the arts. That is how we make the “magic” happen!
  • We create an open space for an honest dialogue, during which something new can emerge. We invite you to enter this inclusive and non-judgemental zone and experiment with us.
  • We refer to your unique potential, sensitivity, and intuition. We inspire you to experiment and to look at art as your supportive companion on the way to a more fulfilling life.
  • We are your sounding board, the midwives of your creative process, and the meaning hunters. We are the holders of space, the listeners, and the witnesses of your explorations.
  • We accompany you in asking questions and searching for answers; we encourage you to be slower, and quieter and to look, feel, touch, and listen to what is present at this very moment.