Journeys of the Inner Eye

In this Expressive Arts workshop we will travel through our bodies with the help of the "inner eye" to find more grounding, centring, and peace.

Every day, we are focusing on problem-solving, we interact with others, and constantly take action to move on both in our private and professional lives. While facing smaller and bigger challenges, we often forget about the needs of our bodies. Stress, uncertainty, poor diet, lack of movement, and unhealthy sleep patterns influence our mental and physical health. This can lead to a higher level of anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, or even burn out. 

In this unique experiential session, we will place the body in the centre of attention and travel through it as a sensitive observer. Using breath-work, movement, drawing, and writing, we will enter the realms of our bodies and reconnect with them. Our imaginative “inner eyes” will support us through this fascinating journey and help us to find more grounding in this crazy world.


  • Find more centring and grounding
  • Learn new ways of self-expression
  • Develop more self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Boost your self-confidence and overall courage
  • Get support and insight in difficult situations
  • Become aware of your strengths and discover new resources
  • Learn new self-care practices
  • Cultivate a deep connection with your body
  • Create more self-love, acceptance, and joy in everyday life


  • Anyone who is curious about using arts for self-growth
  • Individuals craving for a deeper connection with their bodies
  • Artists, creatives, and other professionals who lack inspiration
  • People who would like to engage in play with imagination
  • Professionals who long for more self-care
  • People who need support and insight into challenging and stressful situations


This workshop was originally planned for November 6th, 2020, at the wonderful space of the Holographic Healing Nest in Berlin. Due to the new COVID-19 pandemic restrictions introduced lately, we decided to move it online in a bit of a shorter version. Please stay tuned and join us in Berlin in the future!

Date: 11 December 2020

Timing: 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Theme: Journeys of the Inner Eye

Language: English

Duration: 120min.

Number of participants: 10 spots available

Location: Zoom

Materials: paper, something to draw: crayons or sharpies, scissors.

Contribution: 24€

*We offer one spot at a reduced price of 14€ for someone who experiences financial difficulties. Please reach out to us in person to get the discount.

**We offer also a reduced price of 45€ for participant who register together.

Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. We recommend that you also prepare a bottle of water and a notebook.

Facilitators:  Joanna Wróblewska | Veronica Terriente


Information for Clients is available at

Let us hold the space for you.

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