LIVE! Monthly Dialogues with Arts

LIVE! Monthly Dialogues with Arts

Monthly Dialogues with Arts (shortly MDWA) started by Sarah Chu and Joanna Wróblewska in 2019, was initially an ongoing series of expressive arts workshops for anyone, who was willing to explore their personal narratives through art-making. In September 2021, we changed the framework and, for the first time, offered this unique virtual time-space only to those, who practice expressive arts regularly and would like to deepen their self-knowledge, open up even more to the insights brought by the arts, and learn together about the creative process. This group is a constantly evolving construct. Please consider joining us in the future! Now, we are expanding our MDWA practice to brand-new face-to-face groups!

We continue virtual MDWA explorations in an online group for experienced expressive arts practitioners and a LIVE! MDWA group for beginners in Antwerp, Belgium (see information below).

Season 2022/23

In January 2023, we will open our first Monthly Dialogues with Arts LIVE! group. Please join us at our new pop-up location at Emagine Center, located at Paardenmarkt 65, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. We will be trilled to have you there!

In January 2023, we have opened our first MDWA LIVE! group. Please join us at our new pop-up location at Emagine Center, located at Paardenmarkt 65, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

in this small and intimate MDWA group, we will spend three months focusing on three different aspects of mental self-care and burnout prevention. In January, we will focus on softness, in February on slowness, and in March on kindness. In each session, we will guide you through a step-by-step process, in which we will explore together the above-mentioned themes.

As expressive arts workshops are for everyone, please remember that we only ask you for openness and curiosity. No other skills are required. All art materials will be included, and we will encourage you to bring a notebook to follow up on your process. Whatever you come with into this group will be confidential and received with respect.

We will be thrilled to meet you in person!


  • Discover your existing (and new) resources
  • Learn how to work with nourishing and healthy expression
  • Expand your non-verbal vocabulary
  • Deepen the knowledge about yourself
  • Gain insight into what is present for you at the moment
  • Learn to relax, unwind, and restore using the arts


  • Anyone who is open and curious to work with the arts
  • Individuals in need of rest, relaxation, and restoration
  • Individuals experiencing tiredness, extensive stress, and extreme exhaustion
  • People who are in search of accepting and compassionate support in life
  • Those recovering from burn-out and other challenging life experiences


Dates: 25/01 – 22/02 – 29/03

Time: 7-9pm CET

Language: English & Dutch

Duration:  120 min.

Number of participants: 3 to 8 participants

Materials: all art materials are included

Contribution: 60€ per workshop | PROMO! in February you can bring a friend in the same price:-)

Moderators: Joanna Wróblewska & Ineke Hulselmans


Information for Clients is available at | The confirmation of your registration will be sent to you within 24h.