Monthly Dialogs with Arts [29 June 2019]

Have you ever felt like the more time you spend online, the more lonely and disconnected you become? Technology has changed our lifestyle massively in many ways. While we can connect easily with friends far away, somehow we lose the depth of being with each other here and now. Online interaction can feel shallow and unreal. Sometimes, it lacks meaning and leaves us with the uncomfortable feeling of emptiness.

We believe that online connection can be used efficiently and with awareness to establish meaningful relationships with people around the world.

Let’s reconnect with ourselves and others through a real experience of art-making! In this international online meetup, participants will connect through Skype and make art together with the support from two expressive arts facilitators. We will enjoy the flow of creativity and imagination using different art forms.

The ability to make art is what we all share and what brings us back to ourselves. Art can help us to express and communicate, to listen, to appreciate little things, and to be together!


replace technological isolation with a true connection

relax into art-making

practice how to let go of judgement

receive the gift of true attention from yourself and others

We will use basic art materials that everyone has at home to make art and have fun together! We will focus on easy tasks and look at the art pieces in the form of a dialogue.

“Jupiter and Goldfish” by Sarah

Once upon a time,
There was a Jupiter,
He often turns alone.
​One day, a Goldfish crushed
into his Orbit
So, a tornado started,
So, everything splashed,
​So, a firework was born.
The world was so much
different now.
This story tells us if we are
willing to open…

– ​Gravitation


Our first international online meetup will take place soon! Please read the information below and register by sending us an email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Date: 29 June 2019, 2 pm (DE), 8 pm (HK)

Language: English

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of participants: 6 spots available


Admission: Free

Software: Skype

Register for free by sending an email to Sarah ( or Joanna (

We cannot wait to meet you,
Sarah & Joanna

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