Monthly Dialogues with Arts [international practice group]

Monthly Dialogues with Arts [international group]

Monthly Dialogues with Arts (started by Sarah Chu and Joanna Wróblewska in 2019) was initially an ongoing series of art-based workshops for anyone, who was willing to explore their personal narratives through art-making. In September 2021, we changed the framework and, for the first time, offered this unique virtual time-space only to those, who practice expressive arts regularly and would like to deepen their self-knowledge, open up even more to the insights brought by the arts, and learn together about the creative process. Please consider joining our international group in the season 2022/23!

Season 2022/23

Registration will be open again from September 1st, 2022. We will take off in October 2022 and one more time dive into the world of expressive arts.

This group will include 10 international expressive arts practitioners, who will work together virtually throughout the season 2022/2023. We will meet once a month from October 2021 to July 2023.


  • Explore and improve your skills as an expressive arts practitioner
  • Become a more confident and independent expert in the field of expressive arts
  • Shape your unique set of art-based skills
  • Deepen your knowledge about creative processes
  • Gain insight into what is present for you at the moment
  • Share your skills and insights with an international group of creatives


  • All expressive arts practitioners, no matter the degree/certification
  • Individuals who already know well the expressive arts process
  • All mental health professionals who actively explore expressive arts methodologies


Dates: every last Saturday of the month between October 2022 – July 2023 plus one extra summarizing session will be scheduled in September 2023

Time: 1-3pm CET/CEST

Language: English

Duration:  120 min.

Number of participants: 10 spots available

Software: online [Zoom]

Materials: the list will be updated and announced once the group is formed

Contribution: 189€ [for 10 session all together, 18.90€ per session]

Moderators: Joanna Wróblewska | Sarah Chu | Claudia Blacha | Shirley Chu

Registration will open again on September 1st 2022!