Our Expressive Arts Facilitators

Joanna Wróblewska and Ineke Hulselmans - Expressive Arts facilitators from Yohaku Art Collective.


We are fascinated by the power of genuine expression. The way it becomes a guide and a grounding factor during processes of inquiry and change never stops to amaze us. Art-making asks us for presence and commitment. It demands that we let go of judgement and preconceived notions. Art is our greatest teacher and we would love to share the practice of expressive art also with you!

Coming from completely different backgrounds, we have the potential to complement and challenge each other in our work. We constantly learn from each other and exchange experiences to find the most engaging and nourishing ways of supporting you, dear clients.

Our common ground lies in the wish to provide solid professional support in the processes of inquiry, restoration, and healing. Please consider our invitation to enter the expressive arts process and respond to your deepest needs using the arts. Ultimately, what we move towards is your overall wellbeing.

Joanna Wróblewska

Joanna Wróblewska (PhD, MA-ET) is a visual artist, expressive arts therapist, and Yoga Nidra teacher with 10+ years of professional teaching experience in higher education and 700+ hours of experience in therapeutic work. In 2010, Joanna obtained a PhD degree in visual arts. Since then she has worked as an art teacher and facilitator in several countries. In June 2020, Joanna earned an MA degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Minor in Psychology. She believes that art-making can inspire, connect, and transform humans on multiple levels.

Joanna works mainly with people who have experienced migration and those who search for a place of belonging, as this is also her own life path. She specializes in trauma-informed, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary therapeutic work using art-based tools, grounding elements of East Asian practices, guided imagery, and deep conscious relaxation techniques.

Currently, Joanna works in English, Polish, and German. Se also has the capacity to communicate in Spanish and Dutch.

You can visit Joanna’s professional therapeutic profile or check out Art Studio JW to learn more about her artistic and therapeutic practice.

Email: joanna@yohakuart.com

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Ineke Hulselmans

Ineke Hulselmans has been worked as an organizational coach, and facilitator of collaborative processes since she graduated with an MA in Political Science.

After starting her Expressive Arts studies she started working with change processes in an arts-based way. Currently, Ineke writes her MA thesis in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School (EGS).

Art enriches Ineke’s facilitation and therapy practice. It allows her to create space for deep questioning, exploration, and transformation. She works with expressive arts in a variety of settings and she is interested in the learning that can happen by bridging different setting where expressive arts therapy can be used.

Ineke is fascinated by the power of daily creativity. Creating a new art work every day reveals ones inner life. It creates opportunities to get to know oneself (again) and develop those parts of oneself that were neglected or unseen.

Ineke works in Dutch and English. She also has the ability to communicate in French, Spanish, and basic German.

Email: ineke@yohakuart.com

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Sarah Chu

Sarah Chu holds an MA degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology from the European Graduate School (EGS). With her primary background of physiotherapy in Hong Kong, she is interested in body awareness and movement combined with the arts, as well as the East and West philosophies for the exploration of the Self, and the connection to the world. Sarah works with various clients, including people in recovery from mental illness, people with physical disabilities, and elders. She offers self-care workshops and is actively involved in art-based research.

Together with Joanna Wróblewska, Sarah moderates and facilitates the ongoing online expressive arts workshop series called Monthly Dialogues with Arts (MDWA). Sarah is also a co-facilitator of the art-based INTERVISION.

Email: sarah@expressiveartslife.com

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Emma Sullivan Uebele

Emma Sullivan Uebele is a native of Portland, Oregon, USA. Emma holds an MA degree in Expressive Arts for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the European Graduate School and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Communications from American University in Washington, DC.  Emma works as both an expressive arts facilitator and a therapeutic pilates instructor. Integrating these fields, she understands the body, mind, and spirit as partners in health. 

As an expressive arts practitioner and consultant, Emma runs international groups and facilitates workshops that center around the body and arts-based responses to trauma. Through these experiences and working alongside a wide range of other mental health and humanitarian professionals she has a deep appreciation for the consequences of working in a context of trauma. Emma’s work also extends to these practitioners coming alongside to cultivate rhythms of care and to help sustain wellbeing while engaged in work in a context of trauma. 

Email: emmasullivanpilates@gmail.com

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