In this online LAB we have one main goal: TO PLAY with the arts. If this is what you need, please join us to experience the joy of being, creating, experimenting with various art forms.
The reality of our everyday existence can be sometimes a bit overwhelming. We find it hard to relax, open up to the pleasure of being, and simply enjoy the present moment. The Yohaku Discovery LAB is a place to rest, become playful, and express fully. It is also a space for surprising discoveries and new learnings that can be applied both in your own personal practice and in more professional settings.

Yohaku Discovery LAB is a safe and non-judgmental space opened up to celebrate being through art-making. Here, we can experiment, laugh, and let ourselves be surprised by the effects of our creative process. Let’s find new ways to come back to our joyful nature. Arts have the ability to support us in creating more resilience and cope better with whatever is present in our daily life.

In this online LAB, we have one main goal: to play with the arts and discover new art-based tools. If this is what you need, please join us to experience being through doing (exploring, creating, and experimenting with various art forms). Let’s awaken our natural ability to be playful, genuinely expressive, and joyful. Let’s invite pleasure into our daily life. The time is now!


  • Relax and find new ways of resting using the arts
  • Become more playful and awaken your creativity
  • Learn to laugh and be more spontaneous
  • Open to the unpredictability of the creative process
  • Experience flow and find ease in art-making
  • Become more courageous and confident
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn to give constructive feedback
  • Discover new art-based tools enriching your spectrum of skills
  • Connect with people from around the world


  • Anyone who is seeking ease, relaxation, and safety
  • Individuals interested in art-based experiments
  • All people who would like to get into the flow and create art
  • Anyone who is willing to loosen up and awaken their creative potential
  • Our clients, friends, families, and all people in need of play
  • Therapists, psychotherapists, and facilitators searching for new art-based tools


Duration: between 90 – 120 min. (the actual duration of the session will depend on the development of the creative process – please, be prepared to stay with us for up to 120min. in total)

Time: once a month (new dates will be announced in advance)

Number of participants: 10 spots available

> Upcoming gathering: April 14th, 7pm CET

Theme: Creative voice play

Have you ever thought of combining exploratory voice work with theatre-based techniques? We would like to offer you an opportunity to explore this fascinating realm with Will Pease, who is both an actor an Expressive Arts facilitator. In this session, we will use the embodied voice as a starting point to explore different parts of ourselves. As well as offering various techniques and tools, it is an opportunity to play with the different characters and sub-personalities that emerge.

Art materials: paper, any art materials that you have at hand, scissors, glue, tape, a notebook, and something to write

Location: online [Zoom]

Number of participants: 10 spots available

Contribution: 19€ (single session) | 51€ (three sessions)

Facilitators: Ineke Hulselmans and Joanna Wróblewska

All sessions are fully confidential. We are under the regular supervision of licensed Expressive Arts professionals.

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Information for Clients is available at http://yohakuart.com/information-for-clients/ | The confirmation of your registration will be sent to you within 24h.

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