The Paradox of Waiting [8 weeks online retreat]

An online retreat exploring the paradox of waiting through a profound art-based work.

The act of waiting is something that has been a prominent feature of daily life since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. In one way or another, we all have experienced the discomfort created by the profound uncertainty of this new reality. Waiting for restrictions to lift, waiting to see friends or family, waiting for the kids to go to school, waiting to come back to work, waiting for the airports and borders to reopen… while we wait for something that can possibly happen in the future, we often forget about how we can engage in self-care practices, relaxation, and appreciation of the present moment.

How can we experience being while we wait for the unknown to arrive? What are the resources that can support us in relaxing into the present so we are able to experience life with more pleasure, ease, and acceptance? What if waiting becomes something liberating, something beautiful, something full of potential for growth?

Waiting is one of those features of daily life that is almost always present in one way or another. Our experience of waiting can have a deep impact on how we are in the world. In this retreat, we invite you for an imaginative journey to embrace the theme of waiting by considering six different paradoxes:  restriction & discovery| grounded & unsettled | boredom & imagination | intention & attention | passivity & action | being & doing.

Through the art-making process, we will explore what hides behind waiting, create awareness around what truly nourishes us, and through art-based research discover new ways of coping with constantly arising challenges.

Possible benefits

  • Grow capacity for presence,
  • Create more self-awareness,
  • Understand your own coping strategies,
  • Wake up your creativity and playfulness,
  • Nourish your body, heart, and mind,
  • Relax into the creative process and experience flow,
  • Develop new self-care strategies,
  • Find a safe place of belonging,
  • Become more resilient and create internal spaciousness,
  • Become more aware of how the paradox of waiting influences your way of being in the world,
  • Connect with an international community living through these strange days, together with from afar.

For whom?

  • Anyone who finds themselves in-between or on hold in this strange season,
  • This retreat is for those of us who find ourselves waiting (whether we are waiting for change, for a return to “normal”, for the job market to improve, for travel to be possible, for the lockdown to end, the list goes on…),
  • Anyone whose life has been touched by the pandemic creating changes in the present and uncertainty for the future,
  • Individuals who feel stuck in the current situation and experience some level of resistance or frustration towards the changes we are currently facing,
  • Anyone who feels lost, uncertain or anxious, and longs for support,
  • This retreat is for those who are exhausted, experience difficulties concentrating, and would like to experience more ease,
  • It is also for all people who crave a deeper connection with others on the other side of the wire in various corners of the globe.


Date: 8 weeks starting from February 15th, 2021 (Mondays, except the Easter Monday on April 5th), 7pm CET (a slight time adjustment will be possible)

Themes: Week 1: Introduction| Week 2: restriction & discovery| Week 3: grounded & unsettled | Week 4: boredom & imagination | Week 5: intention & attention | Week 6: passivity & action | Week 7: being & doing | Week 8: Closure

Language: English

Duration: 90min (+ 10min. break)

Number of participants: 8 spots available

Software/location: Zoom

Art materials: we will inform you about the required art materials 48h before each session

Contribution: 378€ / 8 meetings (PROMO! 15% off for first 2 registrations)

* We can offer to you a payment in two installments of 189€ at the beginning and the end of the retreat. Please reach out to us to discuss this option.

Facilitators: Ineke Hulselmans | Emma Uebele | Joanna Wróblewska


Information for Clients is available at | The confirmation of your registration will be sent to you within 24h.

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