What we offer

What we offer to individual clients and teams

These are the different kinds of arts-based sessions we are currently offering to our clients. You can contact us to book one of these sessions or to explore which one might best suit your needs.


Activate your imagination through a deep art-based work! Creative learning using the arts can boost your personal growth and help you to create more resilience. Our Expressive Arts sessions are designed to support you in finding more self-worth, discovering new resources, and reframing your life. Learn more >>>


Would you like to experiment with the arts in your own space and at your own pace? Then this process is for you! We will meet you online, propose a series of creative tasks, and then wait for you to explore them. Finally, we will meet again to summarize your process. Learn more >>>


The challenges of the modern world cause stress not only in adults but also in kids. Would you like to support the development of your children by offering them one-of-a-kind fables? Please join us to create unique fairy tales and stories for your children and address in a gentle way whatever is present in their life right now. Learn more >>>


Are you a psychotherapist, coach, social worker, educator, medical doctor, or another professional in need of rest? Do you carry lots of responsibility? If so, these gentle sessions are for you. Relax, get creative, and learn new self-care tools to nourish your inner child and rejuvenate your tired body and mind. Learn more >>>


We offer these sessions to support those of you who plan to start a business resonating with who you are in all your different dimensions. Through our arts-based sessions, you can explore what lives inside of you, what seeds are present there, and what they need to grow and bloom. We invite you on a playful journey of discovery into what truly wants to be fulfilled in your life. Learn more >>>


Yohaku Art Collective organizes art-based workshops and other art-related events both offline and online. In our work, we mainly use the Expressive Arts method. If you are curious about this kind of work, please sign up for one of our experiential sessions. We will be more than happy to invite you for a journey into the imaginative world of the arts. Learn more >>>