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At Yohaku Art Collective, we support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the expressive arts methodology we facilitate change in groups and communities both face-to-face and virtually to create more self-awareness and well-being.

We are our own best example: Yohaku Art Collective is the result of an expressive arts process between both of us, Ineke Hulselmans and Joanna Wróblewska. Through art-making, in the responses to each other’s artworks and in the art pieces themselves, we noticed common phrases and common shapes. We found a common thread in our visual and written narratives. This felt truly nourishing and looked promising for our future collaboration.

yohaku art collective expressive arts process

In the creative process and the reflection on our artworks, we discovered a mutual longing for an opening. We both visualized a space where the power of imagination could be truly experienced. Honesty, ease, joy and a deep connection were equally important to both of us too.

>>> The founding story of Yohaku Art Collective

Starting from this common ground, we began our research. We brainstormed possibilities for the name of the collective. Then we used shapes and colours from our artworks to create our logo. Finally, we distilled our mission from the touching poems that we wrote earlier in the process.

We found everything in arts. There was no need to look elsewhere.

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Ineke Hulselmans and Joanna Wróblewska
Founders of Yohaku Art Collective

At Yohaku, we make change through art…

As it is sometimes challenging to communicate fully using spoken language and reasoning, we offer you a unique opportunity to encounter yourself and others in the process of art-making. What cannot be expressed through words, very often can be communicated through the arts, which can be seen as “the other ways of knowing”:

Currently, Yohaku Art Collective focuses on:

  • Facilitating expressive arts workshops and other art-based events for groups and communities,
  • Encouraging mental health professionals, social workers, and other caregivers to use art-based tools as a form of emotional self-care and an alternative communication channel with their clients,
  • Cultivating art-making and promoting art-based approaches as resourceful, sustainable and effective ways of creating well-being.

Benefits of Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Increases self-awareness and self-understanding,
  • Helps to discover new resources,
  • Teaches relaxation and body-awareness,
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility,
  • Helps to deal with difficult experiences,
  • Supports coping mechanisms and builds resilience,
  • Promotes openness to new experiences,
  • Teaches new and healthy ways of self-expression,
  • Explores relationships and improves soft skills,
  • Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination,
  • Excites, inspires, and empowers people to live life more fully.

For whom?

  • Teams and communities (e.g. organizations, NGOs, creative co-working spaces, educational and psycho-educational institutions, minority groups, migrants & refugee centres, or even neighbourhoods) willing to readjust and reframe their ways of functioning,
  • Groups and communities in need of support in times of transformation and change,
  • People wiling to actively and positively reshape their relationship with themselves and the world,
  • Professional caregivers, mental health specialists and activists, who would like to learn how to use arts in their own self-care practice and in sessions with clients,
  • Mental health professionals in search of new opportunities for professional growth and willing to be a part of a vibrant international community,
  • Anyone interested in using arts to improve our mental health and create more well-being through art-based group activities.

Mission and Vision

Yohaku Art Collective supports groups and communities in welcoming change through art-making.

We believe that when you are ready to live your questions, art can sustain you on this continuously emerging path.

Using expressive arts methodology and diverse art-based tools, we look for undiscovered resources, new perspectives, and more sustainable ways of coping with difficulties accompanying the processes of transformation and change.

Our mission is to support processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making.

We are there for our clients to help them loosen up, find new ways of self-expression, and make sense out of what emerges in the process of creation.

The expressive arts process is for everyone. No previous experience with art-making is required! Being open and curious is just enough.

How we work?

  • We place the arts in the centre of human experience. Whatever question you come with, individually or as a group, expression is the key. Everything starts with the arts. That is how we make the “magic” happen!
  • We create an open space for an honest dialogue, during which something new can emerge. We invite you to enter this safe and non-judgemental zone and experiment with us.
  • We refer to your unique potential, sensitivity and intuition. We inspire you to create and to look at art as your supportive companion on the way to a more fulfilling life.
  • We are your sounding board, the midwives of your creative process and the meaning hunters. We are the holders of space, the listeners and the witnesses of your explorations.
  • We accompany you in asking questions and searching for answers; we encourage you to be slower, quieter and to look, feel, touch and listen to what is present at this very moment.
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