The Yohaku Discovery LAB is a place to rest, become playful, and express fully. It is also a space for surprising discoveries and new learnings that can be applied both in your own personal artistic practice and in professional settings with your clients.

art-based Discovery LAB

Art-based Discovery LAB is a non-judgemental space created to experiment and play with various forms of expression. We invite all artists, art therapists, coaches, facilitators, and people who enjoy making art to discover new techniques and tools that can be applied to both personal artistic practices and in therapeutic settings with clients.

Nothing is more important than creative play through imagination. Never stop playing, and never stop imagining!” ― Carmela Dutra

In our art-based Discovery LAB, we have one main goal: to play with the arts and learn about inspiring art-based tools, both analogue and digital. If this is what you need, please join us once a month on a Wednesday evening. Let’s awaken our natural ability to be playful, genuinely expressive, and joyful. Let’s invite pleasure into our professional & creative development. Let’s learn how to actively use all those fascinating art-based tools that wait for us out there!


  • Discover new artistic tools and enrich your spectrum of artistic skills
  • Learn how to actively use newly discovered techniques in your art studio and with clients
  • Relax into art-making and find new ways of expressing your narratives
  • Become more playful and stimulate your creativity
  • Learn to laugh and be more spontaneous in the art-making process
  • Open to the unpredictability of the creative process
  • Experience flow and find more ease in art-making


  • Artists, art therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, facilitators, and other mental-health practitioners
  • Other mental health professionals who are willing to loosen up and stimulate their creative potential
  • Educators willing to learn what is possible in art-oriented classroom settings
  • All people who would like to get into the flow and explore new art-based tools & techniques


Duration: between 90 – 120 min. (the actual duration of the session will depend on the development of the creative process – please, be prepared to stay with us for up to 120min. in total)

Time: once a month on Wednesdays (except July and August)

Number of participants: 10 spots available

> Upcoming gathering: 22 June, 7pm CEST

Theme: daily art-making routine using watercolour

Little watercolour cards by Oksana Novikova, our facilitator in this upcoming session.

In this session Oksana Novikova will introduce to us simple art materials and inspiring ways of art-making that can be used to create a beautiful and impressive collection of images. She will invite us to create playful drawings. We will get a chance to shape them in our own way, being in connection with ourselves, tuning in and simply diving into the art-making process. In this workshop, we will have a chance to experience the inner openness towards small and big discoveries and surprises that will be, by the way, very much welcome! We will explore “frames” in art-making and the freedom that they can provide. Let’s play, draw together, and discover opportunities of this small and fascinating “frame” that Oksana build up for herself over time.

Art materials: watercolour, tub with water, brushes, watercolour paper A4 or A3, scissors, cloth

Location: online [Zoom]

Contribution: 19€ (single session) | 51€ (three sessions)

Facilitators: Ineke Hulselmans and Joanna Wróblewska*

*This time, the session will be facilitated by Oksana Novikova, who is a psychologist and an expressive arts therapist in training. So far, Oksana worked as an educational psychologist, teacher of psychology and art therapy both with teens and adults. She also volunteered in a hospital, holding workshops for children and moms. 

All sessions are fully confidential. We are under the regular supervision of licensed Expressive Arts professionals.

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