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We FACILITATE change through art

Yohaku Art Collective focuses on supporting processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the Expressive Arts methodology we facilitate change in individuals, groups, and communities.

Yohaku Art Collective focuses on supporting processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making. Using the expressive arts methodology we facilitate positive and nourishing change in groups and communities. Learn more

Yohaku Art Collective believes that when you are ready to live your questions, art can sustain you on this continuously emerging path.

Yohaku Art Collective opens up to the empty space of yohaku, which is one of the six elements of Japanese beauty. It represents a pause, a margin or a blank space between words or design elements and implies meaning. Learn more

Yohaku Art Collective makes an empty space for art-making.

We intentionally leave a blank space for joyful art creation, a face-to-face encounter with true needs and longings, and active participation in learning through art-making. In our work, we focus on your specific needs and invite you to co-create a space where a dialogue through various art forms becomes possible. Learn more

Yohaku Art Collective makes an empty space for art-making.

Currently, we support personal, organizational, and professional growth in the form of profound expressive arts courses, workshops and other art-based events both face-to-face and virtually. In our work, we use various creative tools suitable for anyone. Your well-being is our priority. Learn more


art-based INTERVISION [virtual]

Starting from November 2020, we offer a group intervision for creative therapists, expressive arts practitioners, coaches, and facilitators. It can become a great addition to your supervision. Connect with us and let’s shape this community together! Learn more

Yohaku Discovery LAB [virtual]

In this series of monthly experimental sessions, we simply play with the arts to discover new and exciting art-based techniques. Please join us to cultivate a playful attitude, upgrade your creative & therapeutic skills, and connect with wonderful people from around the world. Learn more


The Founding Story of Yohaku

The artistic process was at the centre of every step we took in exploring and shaping our business and our collaboration. Learn more

What Can Art Sharing Teach Us?

Sharing art is meaningful, can have unexpected results, and bring joy, so let your artworks be seen! Learn more


Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy is an art-based practice combining therapeutic approaches with the creative process. In the Expressive Arts settings, different forms of expression come into play to stimulate imagination and allow people to expand their horizons.
World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the importance of the arts in healing and maintaining overall well-being. In recent years, expressive arts therapy has become more and more popular. It is an excellent way of supporting healthy self-expression using imagination, movement, sound, storytelling, relaxation techniques, and play.
Yohaku Art Collective makes an empty space for art-making.
Expressive arts therapy is an art-based practice combining therapeutic approaches with the creative process. In the expressive arts settings, different forms of expression come into play (e.g. mark-making, painting, music, movement, performative arts, experimental writing, clay work, photography, or even video-making) to stimulate imagination, allow people to expand their horizons, and help the regulate emotionally.
Yohaku Art Collective makes an empty space for art-making.
The practice of expressive arts promotes overall well-being and sets us on the right track to a healthier self-expression and more efficient emotional self-regulation. As a result, we can gradually build more self-awareness, develop better communication skills, create more fulfilling relationships, better understand each other, and experience a quicker recovery from difficult life experiences including conflict, burn-out, neglect, or even trauma.

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Yohaku Art Collective was co-founded by two Expressive Arts facilitators: Joanna Wróblewska and Ineke Hulselmans.

Joanna Wróblewska and Ineke Hulselmans
Founders of Yohaku Art Collective


I have participated in several sessions with Ineke and Joanna and I have enjoyed all of them. Through them, I have discovered an unknown creative potential in myself as well as discovered a new self-learning… it’s fun, it’s serious, it’s deep, it’s light, it’s an absolute pleasure to experience yourself! – Lucia Fetzer, 2020

The Yohaku Art Collective has managed to create a safe space online. A safe place where everyone is welcome, with their own story, backgrounds, fears, hope and dreams. (…) – Julia Engels Rochat, 2020

(…) The professionalism, as well as the deep belief in the process, the openness, the trustful atmosphere, the fun and the seriousness, the curiosity and the faith in what they practice, is perceptible in everything they do. (…) – Claudia Blacha, 2020

I love working with Joanna. It is more like playing with art and materials (a.k.a. my happy place!) and before I realized it, deeply personal insights came to the surface! (…) – Nelden, 2020

(…) I have to say, working with Joanna is a life-changing experience! No matter which areas in your life you‘re looking to create healing, growth or breakthroughs – you’ll be coming out of your sessions and with a deeper sense of clarity, awareness & self-trust. Truly powerful! – Nathalie Sommer, Relationship Coach, 2020

Ineke and Joanna invite you to make contact with your deeper self, with those images, sensations and words that want to be seen but do not find their way out (…). – Xenia Orgielewski, 2020

(…) By the end of the session, I was able to feel a greater sense of calm in both my mind and body and I had also written a really beautiful poem! Joanna has a warm, caring and nurturing energy and I appreciated her ability to hold space and guide me through this new experience. I look forward to working with her again in the future. – Ainslie Young, 2020

After discussing my question, Ineke suggested working with music and singing. It surprised me how quickly my emotions came and how intensely I experienced everything, even for a first session. Ineke knows how to offer the right words and atmosphere to create a safe space for self-investigation (…). – Katrien, 2019

I was delighted to see my research group thriving during an amazing EXA workshop organized by Yohaku Art Collective. Joanna and Ineke led us through engaging activities that made the team members get to know each other better and sparkled tons of new energy (…). – dr Michal P. Heller, Albert Einstein Institute, 2019

Joanna with a really great workshop script helped me and my friend to find the best way to cooperate, find ourselves in the project we run and create a concrete plan for its future. Her expertise, creativity and patience in helping us understand and interpret hidden mind-gems were priceless. (…). – Magda, Move Your Thoughts, 2019

The prototyping weekend was not really what I expected and at the same time: it matched my best expectation, to live the experience. (…) Ineke and Joanna created a safe space where all of this was possible. – Joke Jonckiere, U-Lab Prototyping Weekend, 2018

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